img_4saleVitality Home Realty is an innovative Real Estate company dedicated to serving buyers and sellers with the utmost integrity in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

Philanthropy is the core value at Vitality. Partnering with a handful of local non-profits, Vitality donates a % of each commission (before taxes) to the charity of your choice. This contribution is made in honor of you, which means many things. Beyond providing you with a down-to-earth way of giving back to your community at no extra expense or effort, it’s also tax deductible. Above all other things, it allows you to reach out and make a difference in another Human or Animal’s life, all whilst feeling great about your new sale!

At Vitality, our entire team has the same vision when it comes to giving back. We have a group of professionals- Inspector, Lender, Title, and Insurance-ready to help you with all of your purchasing/selling needs! They too are committed to donating portions of their earnings to our hand selected, local non-profit charities. The more team members you use at Vitality, the more money gets contributed on your behalf.

Vitality knows how to be competitive! We list our homes at only discounted rates-NO MORE 6%!  The potential when working with Vitality Home Realty is boundless!

We pride ourselves on the fact that nearly all of our business is referral based. We believe in building a fun relationship with all of our clients with the core foundation being truabout_usst, followed by our knowledge and your comfort. We believe in the virtue of choice and never make our buyers feel tied down to us if their wants and needs are not being met. We are proud to call our clients friends, and always continue a relationship after the transaction has closed.

The concept of giving back is something that we are tremendously energized about and exceedingly proud to put into action! If you’re thinking about purchasing or selling a home and love doing your part in helping others less fortunate, Vitality Home Realty is definitely the Real Estate Brokerage for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Company, general Real Estate or Non-Profit Organizations we have partnered with. We are always looking for other Charities, and we would be happy to hear about any that you feel might be a perfect fit.

As the Owner and Principal Broker of this openhanded real estate company, I assure you that the process of purchasing or selling your next home will be an enjoyable, inspiring, and most importantly, a truthfully rewarding journey that opens the doors into the next chapter of your life.

Let our Energy move you!