Kirsten Nieman


“How did we survive all this? Kyle and I credit our current sanity to our realtor, Par. We really can’t say enough lovely things about her, and we will forever be trying to figure out how to repay her for all that she helped us with. From the beginning, Par patiently walked us through every step of the home selling/buying process. She knows her stuff, is super professional, and is over-the-top attentive. Before our home hit the market, she came by and gave us great tips about staging our home and we talked price and looked at comps in the area. Throughout this process, nothing was about her or her business. Everything was about US. Do you know how refreshing that is? She constantly asked us how WE were feeling, what WE felt comfortable with, what WE wanted to do. But she was also giving us advice as well, and that’s why every decision we made on price, contracts, etc, we felt really, really good about. Par was also a great resource when it came to selecting our home’s best photos, and she even consulted me on the website I created for the house.

Now, there are two other things that made me count my lucky stars for Par. One, she answers emails in like 5 minutes. No joke. It’s incredible. She made us feel like we weren’t EVER in this alone, and that’s a big deal when you are making a really important life decision. Two, I realized what an amazing counselor and listener Par is. When times got tough, when the city took forever to give us our sewer permits, Par would listen to me rant and rave and swear, and then after I was totally embarrassed about myself, she would counsel me, talk me off the ledge, and make everything all better. It was really amazing to see, and I can’t tell you how thankful I was to have Par by my side when things didn’t go as planned. She was so calm and cool that I had no choice but to follow her lead and trust that all would work out in the end. And it did! In short, I would recommend Par in a heartbeat. If you are thinking about selling or buying, email her –”

~Kir Nieman