Jenny & Phil

Par is simply the best, and exceeded our expectation from the very beginning! From day one she was extremely communicative, easy to get a hold of, and listened to us as we figured out exactly what we wanted. Looking back, it seems she knew more of what we wanted/needed than even we did at first.
Our search occurred during what seemed to be the peak of the market. All in all I think we put in 11 offers, and countless other “opportunities” that Par would chase down until she’d hear that existing offers were already over our budget. Although the process was grueling at times, Par stayed right by our side as our advocate and much needed cheerleader. For our final offer and perfect home-to-be, Par presented the offer in person to the sellers. She represented us and herself so well, that even though we were tied for best offer, they chose to go with us due to her presentation and I’m sure character overall. We cannot be more grateful for her time, energy and hope that went into our search to find our home.
I highly recommend Par as she is a great realtor, friend, and a partner through this crazy process