Heidi & Chris




Wow! – We cannot thank you enough for the extremely hard work you put in to helping us finally find our “perfect” home!

Not only did you help us find the exact thing we were looking for, you were with us every step of the way, keeping your enthusiastic attitude, intact, which helped us feel at ease- even on the days of not finding anything. As you put it “You will know, when you find it”

The best part about it was you let us talk it through, with each other. Not once did we feel uncomfortable discussing the pro’s and con’s of each house, our differences of opinions and at times, our doubts- which is huge! The pressure was nonexistent.

When it came to making our decision and filling out the “overwhelming” paper work – it became simple. You shared with us the important details and made it effortless to understand.

To be honest, you made it such a fun, special and exciting experience to look at houses, that I was almost disappointed that we didn’t get to go look at more! J

We have been in our house for almost a year now and not once have we regretted our decision and we attribute a lot of that to you.

I have recommended you to everyone and will continue to do so in years and years to come.
You have such fantastic passion for what you do and I cannot wait to use you in the future!

We love love LOVE you!

Thank you! Thank you! – For everything!

-Heidi and Mac